Where's the Gift?

Why do only a few people truly excel? Some point to innate talent. Others suggest education. Research doesn’t support either. In Where’s the Gift? you’ll discover the secret that few have learned: the ability to capitalize on feedback, in all its forms, will do more to drive success than IQ, education or talent will.

In this remarkable book, Nigel and Michael-John demonstrate that there is incredible power in feedback. Whether you call it advice, suggestion, criticism or even insult, feedback gives you the power to change, build stronger relationships, achieve more of your goals, and to do so with fewer bumps and bruises.

Where’s the Gift? employs a classic African folktale and a simple story backed by years of research and real-world experience. The message appeals to individuals from all walks of life, and has already had a major impact on people and corporations around the world. The straightforward lessons in this book will make you more effective at work, school and home, and the benefits will last a lifetime.

Research demonstrates that achieving goals is much easier when feedback is present. In Where’s the Gift? you will learn why the most unhelpful feedback is no feedback at all. You will also learn how to:

– Get the timely feedback you need to reach your goals.
– Handle criticism with less anxiety and frustration.
– Turn critics into collaborators and colleagues into coaches.
– Make sure that when someone has a concern involving you, you are the first instead of the last to know.
– Use feedback to ensure the success of any company priority, such as customer service, safety or quality.
– Find the hidden gift in ALL feedback, even when it is vague, inaccurate or unfair.

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